Benrido Shop & Gallery

Benrido Collotype Gallery


302 Benzaitencho Shinmachi Takeyamachi

Kyoto, Japan. 


Opening Hours:

Weekdays 10:00 – 17:00

Closed Weekends 

T +81 (0)75-231-4351


*Please check for exhibition programming.

Benrido Museum Goods Shop


302 Benzaitencho Shinmachi Takeyamachi

Kyoto, Japan. 


Opening Hours:

Weekdays 10:00 – 18:00

Closed Weekends 

T +81 (0)75-231-4351


Atlas Photography Gallery

London, U.K

Atlas Gallery was founded in 1994 and is one of the foremost galleries worldwide dealing exclusively in photography. The gallery embraces photography in all its forms, with extensive holdings of work by 20th Century masters as well as representing a diverse range of contemporary photographers. From classic vintage photography, photojournalism and fashion to experimental and art photography, Atlas offers extensive expertise on every aspect of the medium.


Galerie Écho 119

Paris, France

Galerie Écho 119, (formerly &co119 Gallery), was founded in 2016, as an unconventional gallery/bookstore specializing in photography. The gallery presents the works of both well-known and as yet undiscovered photographers from Japan and around the world. Galerie Écho 119 also offers a large selection of photobooks, new releases, but also rare editions. Noëlle Colin, the owner who shares her life between France and Japan, looks for rarities directly in japan, several times a year.


The Gallery Club

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Gallery Club is a non-profit platform for photography, organised around exhibitions, curated dinners and events. Founded by Gili Crouwel and Robi Reisinger, every edition of The Gallery Club explores the work of a wide range of Dutch and international photographers through a different theme.


Gallery Fifty One

Antwerp, Belgium

Gallery FIFTY ONE specialises in fine art photography and works on paper. Since its founding in 2000, the gallery has been focusing on 20th and 21st Century photography (vintage, classic, fashion, African and contemporary.) In 2011, the gallery started an ongoing dialogue between photography and works on paper.


Foam Editions

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Foam Editions is Foam’s in-house and online gallery. It is a unique place to buy prints and photo books in special editions for a great price. The works vary from attractively priced editions by world-famous photographers, to the works of newly discovered talent. A Foam Editions photographer is linked to the museum or Foam Magazine. An important aspect of Foam Editions is that the proceedings go towards the museum’s educational projects.


Howard Greenberg Gallery

New York City, United States 

Since its inception almost forty years ago, Howard Greenberg Gallery has built a vast and ever-changing collection of some of the most important photographs in the medium. The Gallery’s collection acts as a living history of photography, offering genres and styles from Pictorialism to Modernism, in addition to contemporary photography and images conceived for industry, advertising, and fashion.  @howardgreenberggallery


Jiazazhi Books

Ningbo, China 

Jiazazhi is an art collective on Photobook in China. Focusing on making, publishing, distributing, archiving, researching photobooks in high quality.



moom bookshop

Taipei, Taiwan

moom bookshop is an art bookstore located in one of the liveliest areas in Taipei, within 5 minutes walking distance from Zhongxiao Fuxing station exit 1. Since opening in 2016, moom has specialized in photography with a wide selection of new titles and established classics from independent publishers around the world. moom aims to bring in diversity and provide a platform for Taiwanese audiences accessing to any photobooks freely, even with exclusive editions.

Three Shadows Photography Art Centre + 3 Gallery

Beijing, China

Three Shadows +3 Gallery, a new independent art space founded by Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Caochangdi, first seeks to act as a channel for promoting Chinese Contemporary photography, past and present, and keeping its doors open to the future of the medium. It aims to provide a professional model for promoting and guiding China’s homegrown artists, and offer opportunities to the public to better understand and recognise the excellent photography produced in China.

To this end, +3 Gallery aims to foster the further development of informed collecting of photography in China.The future of Chinese photography is bright, but more can be done to support its healthy development. The time is ripe for a space like Three Shadows +3 Gallery, where appreciation for art photography and original prints stands at the fore. The gallery provides professional artwork and market management to both artists and collectors in its endeavour to strengthen Chinese photography overall.



Galerie Thomas Zander

Cologne, Germany

Galerie Thomas Zander was founded in Cologne in 1996. In six to nine exhibitions per year, the gallery presents expanded photography as well as media and conceptual art of the 20th and 21st centuries. Co-operations are maintained with institutions, museums and partner galleries. In addition to the exhibitions, the gallery advises collections, curates exhibitions in collaboration with international institutions, and regularly publishes monographs and catalogues.


28 Vignon Street


28 Vignon Street is a new curated online art platform. An essential online address for purchasing excellent quality art ranging from forgotten artists to renowned masters to the discovery of promising new comers. 28 Vignon Street is founded by Roger Szmulewicz, owner and director of Gallery FIFTY ONE and is supported by many renowned galleries and curators.