Benrido Store Terms and Conditions 

Article 1. Summary of the Agreement

  1. Benrido Store is an online shopping website owned and operated by Benrido, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Benrido”). 
  1. In planning an operating Benrido Store, Benrido presents the following Terms and Conditions described below for the sale and purchase of items (hereinafter referred to as “Goods”) and use of Services provided by Benrido Store (hereinafter referred to as “Services”). 
  1. The Terms and Conditions shall apply to individuals (hereinafter referred to as “Buyer”) who use Benrido Store to purchase Goods and/or use Services provided by Bernido Store.
  1. The purchase of any Goods and/or use of any Services provided by Benrido Store by the Buyer shall be deemed conclusive evidence of the Buyer’s acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. 
  1. Benrido, in accordance with its own discretion, may change or update all or part of the Terms and Conditions. The Buyer will be notified of any changes in a way deemed appropriate by Benrido such as via our newsletter or by posting to the website. Benrido shall not be responsible in the event that modifying all or part of the Terms of Conditions causes any loss or damage to the Buyer. 

Article 2. Sequence of purchasing goods on Benrido Store

  1. The Buyer is free to browse through the Goods shown on Benrido Store at their leisure. 
  1. If the Buyer wishes to purchase any of the available Goods shown on Benrido Store the Buyer can place the item in their virtual shopping cart. To do so the Buyer can click on the small “add to basket” symbol which is made available on all items. 
  1. The Buyer can correct or amend their order at any time before payment has been made. It is the responsibility of the buyer to remove unwanted items from their shopping cart before making the payment and completing their order.
  1. To confirm the purchase of Goods, the Buyer must activate the “Checkout” button. The Buyer will then be asked to register with their user data or if the Buyer is a new customer to set up an account or place an order as a guest. An overview appears of all the products the Buyer has placed in the shopping cart as well as all other possible costs that are payable in connection with the order. 
  1. Once the Buyer has completed the payment by using the payment systems provided, the Buyer gives Benrido a binding declaration that it is their wish to acquire the Goods. 
  1. Once the Buyer has placed an order, they will receive an automated confirmation email detailing their order and Goods that have been purchased.
  1. The Buyer will receive Tracking Details once their order has been processed and shipped. 

Article 3. Prices and Payment Method 

  1. The price of Goods sold on Benrido Store shall be stipulated on the website. All Goods can only be viewed and purchased in Japanese Yen (JPY).
  1. The retail price of all Goods sold on the Benrido store is based on the JPY retail price as made upon the publication and/or release of the Goods. 
  1. Additional charges may be placed depending on your credit card company or bank,  these charges must be borne by the Buyer. The price will be deducted from the Buyer’s account according to the terms from the Buyer’s bank card issuer or payment service. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to understand that market fluctuations and other factors may affect the differential between the retail price and what the Buyer is charged.
  1. All prices of goods stipulated on the Benrido Store is exclusive of VAT and does not include delivery charges. Relevant VAT and Delivery charges will be calculated and included upon checkout. 
  1. Payment of the total purchase (including relevant VAT and any delivery charges) must be made in full before the order can be processed and dispatched. 
  1. VAT will only be applicable if the Buyer’s billing address is a domestic address within Japan. VAT is conditional regardless of whether the recipient or shipping address is located outside of Japan. All orders that have a Billing Address located outside of Japan will not be charged VAT. For Customs, Duties and Taxes for Delivery please refer to Article. 7.
  1. All payments for Goods made on Benrido Store are processed via the online payment service Stripe or PayPal. No other payment methods are accepted. 

Article 4. Creating an Account with Benrido Store

  1. The Buyer has the option to create their own accounts with Benrido Store when purchasing goods. This service enables the Buyer to view their order history, add products to a Wishlist and browse the website through an account dashboard. From the account dashboard, the registered Buyer can view their recent orders, manage their shipping address and billing address and edit their password and account details. 
  1. Benrido will save the following details from the Buyer whom an account is created with Benrido Store to support the Buyer user experience throughout the use of the website, Services and/or purchase of Goods: 
  • The registered name of the Buyer
  • The registered email address of the Buyer
  • The registered display name of the Buyer
  • The registered delivery address of the Buyer
  • The registered billing address of the Buyer
  • The registered shipping address of the Buyer
  • The order history of the Buyer
  • The saved products from the Wishlist of the Buyer

*The Buyer has the right to edit or delete their Benrido Store Account at any time. 

*The creation of an account is not conditional when purchasing Goods from Benrido Store and/or browsing the website. 

Article 5. In-stock Goods, Backorder Goods and Pre-Orders

  1. In-stock Goods will be listed as available on each product page. 
  1. Goods that are categorised and/or listed as Open Editions and have temporarily sold out will automatically be made available on Backorder. The next availability of out of stock Goods will be listed on the Goods product page. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to understand that there may be processing and delivery delays for orders that are purchased on Backorder. 
  1. Should the Buyer have ordered multiple goods which include Goods that are in stock and Goods which are available on Backorder, the full order will be shipped once all Goods are available unless otherwise requested by the Buyer directly to Benrido. Additional delivery fees will be charged should the Buyer request for available Goods to be shipped separately. 

Article 6. Shipping and Delivery

  1. Covid-19: Please be aware that due to the ongoing pandemic there may be some delays to the usual processing of orders operated by Benrido. International orders made from outside of Japan may be affected by the reduced services of international mail. 
  1. Shipping Services: All international orders are shipped via DHL Express or EMS Japan Post. Tracking information will be provided after the order is processed. If for any reason Benrido is unable to fulfil the Buyer’s order, Benrido will inform the Buyer immediately via email. 
  1. Shipping Charges: All shipping charges will be shown once the Buyer registers the Shipping Address upon checkout. All shipping charges of goods have been calculated according to DHL and EMS Japan Post fees and are inclusive of handling charges. All shipping charges do not include Customs, Duties and Taxes. *Please refer to Article 7. Customs, Duties and Taxes for details. 
  1. Delivery Processing Time: All Goods that are in stock will ship within 5 business days of the order being placed. The shipping time will be subject to the shipping services chosen by the Buyer and differs according to the operating service selected by the Buyer. Below are the suggested delivery times according to DHL and EMS Japan Post:  

DHL: 1-2 weeks *subject to changes 

EMS Japan Post: 3-4 weeks *subject to changes 

  1. Shipping Address: In the event that an unidentifiable address is provided by the Buyer, Benrido will take the appropriate measures to contact the Buyer via the email address provided upon completing payment and/or creating a Benrido Store Account. Should there be no response within 5 business days from the Buyer the order will automatically be cancelled and a full refund of the purchase cost and delivery fee will be processed. 
  1. Shipping Confirmation & Tracking Details: Buyers will be informed once their order has been dispatched for delivery via email. This email will also include any relevant Tracking references for the Buyer as provided by the shipping service. 

Article 7. Customs, Duties & Taxes

  1. When ordering from Benrido Store, the Buyer is responsible for assuring the product can be lawfully imported to the destination country as specified in the Buyer’s shipping address.
  1. Orders shipped outside of Japan may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country. The listed recipient as provided by the Buyer in the Shipping Address of an international shipment may be subject to such import taxes, customs duties and fees, which are levied once a shipment reaches the recipient’s country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the importer of record; Benrido is not responsible for these charges and can’t predict what they may be. 
  1. By ordering from Benrido Store, the Buyer gives a binding declaration that the listed Shipping Address is the recipient of the purchased goods and will be by default the importer of record. The importer of record must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country.
  1. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; Please contact your local customs office for more information. When customs clearance procedures are required, it may cause delays beyond the original delivery estimates provided by Benrido.

Article 8. Refunds & Exchanges

  1. Benrido shall only accept returns, exchanges or refunds in the event of the following circumstances due to manufacturing defects:
  • If the Good(s) delivered differs from what the Buyer ordered
  • If the quantity of Good(s) received differs from the Buyer’s order
  • If the delivered Good(s) is defective or damaged
  1. To process a claim for a full refund, return or exchange of items due to manufacturer defects and damage, the Buyer must meet all of the following conditions: 

– Buyer provides proof of payment receipt

– Buyer provides photographic proof of damage. 

– The damaged Good(s)must be returned to the manufacturer. 

– The Good(s) does not show signs of use or are in less than new condition

– The Good(s) is not missing any original packaging or components upon return to the manufacturer. 

  • Meets all of the conditions detailed above
  1. No Refunds or Exchange of Good(s) postmarked more than 7 days after receipt of the original package will be accepted. 
  1. No refunds or exchange of Goods will be processed for requests given by those other than the Buyer. 
  1. Refunds will be processed directly to the Buyer’s payment account via the payment option chosen at the time of the purchase order. In no circumstances will the refund be made to an account belonging to a third party or any account other than the Buyer’s as stipulated on the purchase order. 
  1. The cost of return shall be borne by Benrido. Benrido will refund the purchase cost of the Goods including the shipping fee. The return shipping fee shall also be borne by Benrido. 
  1. In the event that the Buyer chooses to exchange or substitute the defective item and the item is out of stock indefinitely, the Buyer will be refunded. 

Product Exchange return Address

Attn: Benrido Store

Benrido, Inc. 

302 Benzaitencho

Shinmachi Takeyamachi 


Kyoto City

Postal Code: 604-0093

Tel: +81 (0)75 223 8910


Article 9. Disclaimer Regarding Products, Purchase of Goods and/or use of Services provided by Benrido in operating Benrido Store. 

  1. Benrido does not assume any responsibility for the quality, conditions, materials, function or performance of Goods purchased from Benrido Store, with the exception of the cases in the preceding section detailing manufacturing defects. 
  1. It is at the sole responsibility of the Buyer to provide correct, accurate and up to date information in regards to the Buyer’s details such as Billing Address, Shipping Address, E-mail Payment details and/or other necessary details when completing an order on Benrido Store whether the Buyer completes the purchase as a guest or when using a Benrido Store Account. 
  1. In the event that the Buyer provides inaccurate information to Benrido Store that hinders the processing of the order, Benrido will make appropriate efforts deemed necessary by Benrido to contact the Buyer via the Buyer’s email address. Should there be no response from the Buyer within 5 business days from when contact was attempted, the Buyer’s order will automatically be cancelled and refunded. 
  1. Benrido will not assume any responsibility for any damages, harm, loss, additional costs, or penalties born by the Buyer from a cancellation of an order that was made due to inaccurate information provided by the Buyer or by the purchase and/or acquiring of Goods and use of Services provided by Benrido Store. 
  1. If a Buyer commits fraud or takes other actions deemed inappropriate or harmful by Benrido regarding the use of Benrido Store and Services provided by Benrido, Benrido maintains the right to cancel orders and/or accounts made between Benrido and the Buyer and to take appropriate actions. Benrido shall not assume responsibility for the cause of any loss, harm, damage or penalty directly or indirectly made to a Buyer in regards to the purchase of goods, use of Services or creation of an account on Benrido Store.

Article 10. Maintenance of Benrido Store

It is assumed that Benrido may change, suspend or discontinue parts or all aspects of Benrido Store at its discretion in case of any/or all, but not limited to, the following reasons:

  1. In the event of a scheduled or emergency maintenance of the computing system used for the Benrido Store. 
  1. In the event that the operation of services provided by Benrido Store is affected and/or made difficult due to earthquake, fire, flood, heavy snow and other natural disasters.
  1. In the event that the operation of services provided by Benrido Store is affected and/or made difficult due to war, terrorism, riots, civil disturbance or other social unrest. 
  1. In the event that the operation of services provided by Benrido Store is affected and/or made difficult due to unauthorised access by a Third Party or by a computer virus. 
  1. In the event Benrido is requested to do so by government agencies, judicial bodies, local government and/or other government bodies. 
  1. Benrido Store may be suspended and/or terminated due to business reasons or maintenance of the indispensable system.

The suspension and/or termination of the Benrido Store will be announced on the official website in advance. Benrido shall not be liable for any damages caused to the Buyer or users of its services due to the urgent suspension, changes and/or termination of Benrido Store. 

Article 11. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. The intellectual property rights of all designs provided by Benrido Store and/or services provided by Benrido and associated programming used for Benrido Goods, information, and other contents exclusively belong to Benrido. 
  1. If the use of any design, information and/or other contents of Benrido’s operating services, regardless of its purpose is found to be in violation of domestic and/or foreign copyright laws or other related laws, Benrido shall take legal actions immediately. 

Article 12. E-mail Newsletter List

 If you are interested in receiving news and special offers from Benrido Store regarding Benrido’s products, events and associated programming, sign up to receive our e-mail newsletter. 

Benrido does not sell, rent, or share our e-mail list.

In the event you wish to update or delete your e-mail address at any time for any reason, please click “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of any newsletter.

Article 13. Handling of personal information 

  1. Personal information registered by the Buyer when purchasing products from Benrido Store either as a guest or by a Benrido Store Account shall be handled appropriately in accordance with the “Privacy Policy” separately established by Benrido.

Article 14. Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

  1. The governing law of these Terms and Conditions shall be Japanese law.
  1. In the event of a proceeding in this competition between Benrido and the applicant, the Kyoto District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance. 


 If you have any questions or concerns about the Terms and Conditions, please send a message to

*Updated April 2021